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Ali Bastian highlights allergy awareness week

The poll of more than 1,000 parents of children with food allergies was conducted in April 2024 for Allergy Awareness Week (22 – 28th April) to raise awareness of the impact a child’s life-threatening food allergy can have on families. It revealed that 21% say that their mental health has been negatively impacted, more than a third (34%) of parents suffered from anxiety as a result of their child’s allergies and half (50%) saying they sometimes struggle to cope managing their child’s food allergies.

The research also revealed that nearly a third (30%) have avoided trying out new recipes or meals for the family. A quarter (25%) don’t trust restaurants to take the proper precautions when preparing food for their child’s allergies and more than half (58%) feel anxious when their child eats outside of the home.

Vitalite has partnered with The Allergy Badge and former star of Hollyoaks and Doctors actor Ali Bastian, who has a daughter with severe food allergies, to raise awareness of dairy allergies in children, and the impact on parents.

Aston spoke to actress & 2009 Strictly Come Dancing finalist Ali Bastian.

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