Posted by Aston Avery

Are we prepared to try new skills this year?

The majority of Gen Z’ers (90%) are itching to try or experience something new this year but over two thirds (72%) are held back by uncertainty or fear.

From trying a new type of food, running a marathon, and embracing new and unbelievable challenges, tackling moments of uncertainty results in a multitude of benefits including being more confident to grow and seize possibilities which is key for younger people as they develop. In fact, research from the Uncertainty Experts (the world’s largest research project into uncertainty) shows that small and even enjoyable steps into the unknown can help increase our uncertainty tolerance and ability to not just try new things in 2024, but face challenges with greater resilience.

In collaboration with the Uncertainty Experts, Costa Coffee’s Unbelievable Programme is a function bursting with tips and mini challenges for Gen Z to undertake to Embrace The Unbelievable. Including taking small steps, doing something differently, repetition, cultivating a positive mindset and practicing self care.

Aston spoke to cognitive scientist Katherine Templar Lewis.

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