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Author Rob Biddulph encourages families to draw on pumpkins instead of carving this Halloween 

New research has revealed that more than 15 million pumpkins bought for carving this Halloween won’t be eaten and will go to waste. The survey was commissioned by environmental charity Hubbub to highlight the scary amount of food waste that occurs in the UK when it comes to pumpkins.

With food prices remaining high during the cost of living crisis, pumpkins going in the bin will be costing Brits £26.7 million in food waste – This is the equivalent of 95 million meals-worth of pumpkins set to go to waste. By ditching the carving knife, Halloween-lovers can make their pumpkins last longer, giving them more time to cook and eat them once the spooky season is over.

The #EatYourPumpkin campaign is calling on Halloween lovers to give decorating, rather than carving, a pumpkin a go so that more pumpkins will be eaten this Halloween.

Aston spoke to author Rob Biddulph and Mark Breen from Hubbub.

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

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