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Autism show – January 2024

The first All Things Autism in Essex show saw Daytime presenter Aston Avery and regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE speak to amazing guests within the autism community and highlight the latest from autism charity Annakennedyonline.

The first of Aston and Anna’s guests were Kellie Barker, founder of Born Anxious and Corinne.

The second of Aston and Anna’s guests was Olivia Slatter.

Aston and Anna highlighted other news from the autism community.

Anna had this to say after the show:

“We’re back!!!

Aston and I talking ‘All things Autism in Essex’ for 2024.

Another busy show crammed with useful information , great guests and sharing what my charity AnnaKennedyonline is up to for 2024.

Our first guests were Kellie Barker from the clothing line Born Anxious and Corrinne Finch from ‘Finch of Autism Life’

Both Kellie and Corinne talk about the eating disorder ‘Arfid’. 

Kellie shared:

‘Avoidant restrictive eating disorder it is serious and right now in the UK many families are without diagnosis and support , we are sharing our combined lived experiences to open a conversation and raise awareness of ARFID with a collection of clothing that is spreading messages that do just that , remove the guilt ARFID isn’t caused by parenting , safe foods are important let’s talk about that .

49% of Autistic children diagnosed with an eating disorder or not struggle with difficulty feeding .

There needs to be more understanding and less judgment and most of all more services for children and families managing this disorder .’

Both Kellie and Corrine are launching a brand new collection ‘CANT EAT WONT EAT ‘

The colourful Collection is available to preorder open now with 25%off with code NUGLIFE25 Please see link to order.

Our next guest was the Olivia Slatter Princess Diana Award winner and founder of Olivia’s world. She talked about her experience and first term at Leeds Conservatoire and her amazing assistance dog Maisie.

Olivia has also launched her new range ‘Dream Big’ with Born Anxious which again is available to purchase online.

Anna shared today about her new charity survey created due to the struggles to get vital medication.

More than 600,000 people are affected by Epilepsy in the UK with some being forced to start rationing their meds. A national shortage of epilepsy medication is putting patients’ safety at risk, consultants have said.

The supply disruption of ADHD meds is caused by a combination of manufacturing issues and an increased global demand.

This is obviously a cause for concern.

Please complete and share our survey.

Thank you.

Please see weekly updates on the charity website

Sending positive vibes and best wishes see you all soon in February!”

All Things Autism in Essex will return soon.

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