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Autism show – November 2023

November’s edition of All Things Autism in Essex saw Aston and regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE highlight the recent Autism’s Got Talent that took place in October at the Mermaid Theatre in Blackfriars, London.

Aston spoke to some of the acts from this year’s Autism’s Got Talent event.

Aston and Anna’s guest on the show was Nicole Simmons who spoke about Fobbing Farm Shop’s SEN event

Aston and Anna previewed the upcoming Autism Hero Awards.

Anna had this to say after the show.

“Another great show talking ‘All things Autism in Essex’ for November with Aston.

Aston and I did our usual catch up talking ‘All things Strictly’ update talking how fantastic the costumes were for Halloween Week. I also had a catch up with my lovely Peoples Strictly Partner Robin Windsor who supported us once again for our12th year of Autism’s got Talent. What a show!!!

Thank you to Gateway Radio for giving Aston the opportunity to interview 11 of our Autism’s got Talent performers which were all aired on the show Thursday. It was so lovely to hear them all speaking about their experiences and how proud they were to take part.

Auditions are now open for 2024 and the closing date is end of May 2024. Since my appearance on ‘The Lorraine Show’ we have been inundated with enquiries and videos are already been sent in!! I think its going to be another tough year to choose 20 performers.

Kian one of our performers kindly created a promotional photo to advertise the upcoming 2024 show since he had the best time.

Thank you to all our performer’s who spoke to Aston:

  • Nath Trevett
  • Casper Mason
  • Colin Brennan
  • Zach Brookes
  • Isla McMannus
  • Finlay Minnis
  • Skye Richards
  • Abri
  • Kian Butler
  • Eden Raine-Smith
  • Fred Tennant

A huge Thank you to everyone who voted for me as ‘ Game Changer Woman of the Year’ as one of three finalists and for Gateway Radio giving me a shoutout duringvthat week. Amazing!!

One of our guests today was the lovely Nicole Simmons :

Nicole and her husband Lewis are owners of the Fobbing Farm Shop for 3 years. Last year they had a Christmas Grotto and one of the days was dedicated for families of children with a disability. The demand was so great that this year they are adding more days to accommodate many more families to experience this wonderful celebration. 

Nicole and Lewis have three lovely children al with Special Educational Needs and understand how challenging it can be to find suitable venues to take all the family. The Fobbing Farm shop is a truly inclusive place to visit.

After the show I met up with the lovely Dawn and Keith Avery who have kindly raised funds for our charity and presented me with a cheque from their Charity Halloween Disco. Thank you very much appreciated!!

AnnaKennedyonline are currently preparing for our 5th year of the Charity Autism Hero Awards at The Cumberland Hotel Marble Arch on November 25th. We want to wish all our finalists from 12 different categories the best of luck and enjoy the experience on the night.

Looking forward to being back in the Gateway Studio in December . This year has just flown by whoosh!!!

Take care everyone x”

All Things Autism in Essex will return.

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