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Ben Fogle backs the nation to keep on recycling

Monday of this week marked the beginning of Recycle Week, which is now an annual event designed to celebrate
and promote the benefits of recycling. Over the last year, crazy climate incidents have been seen across the globe
proving the importance of this week more now than ever before.

While new Robinsons research has revealed Brits are making an effort with the average adult putting 16,380
plastic bottles, 15,397 cardboard boxes and 12,448 yoghurt pots into their recycling bin over their lifespan, almost a
third of Brits have admitted they are still highly concerned about the state that the world will be in for the next

Seemingly education is a huge part of this, with the research showing that 42% of those surveyed don’t feel
educated enough about their impact on the environment. Some also seem to be confused over what can and
cannot be recycled. Three in 10 have said they’re unsure about soft plastics like cereal box liners, one in five don’t
know that you can recycle tin foil, and 22 per cent feel confused about what to do with wine corks – which you can
even put in your home compost bin.

Aston spoke to Ben Fogle, broadcaster, writer and presenter.

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