Posted by Aston Avery

Binky Felstead on the true cost of a cold

The UK isn’t sleeping due to the potentially devastating twindemic combination, with 53% of Brits saying they often get a restless night’s sleep because they are so worried about the impact it’ll have on their lives and loved ones.

The reason why Brits are so worried about catching a cold, flu or COVID, is that they might infect other members of their family (37%), their children will also get it (17%) or that they will have to cancel plans (15%).

In fact, a quarter of those polled for Sambucol, the UK’s No.1 immunity supplement range, admit that their biggest worry is knowing which virus it is, whether it’s COVID, flu or a common cold. Furthermore, having to spend more time alone (11%), skip work (12%) or having no idea as to what will make them feel better (11%). 

Aston spoke to Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead.

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