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Blood test that detects all types of cancer in an hour launches in the UK

17th December 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

A blood test that can detect all forms of cancer is set to launch in the UK.

Named the PanTum Detect blood test, this new test is a highly accurate non-invasive cancer diagnostic test which can detect cancerous tumours anywhere in the body. The PanTum test works by analysing a patient’s blood sample, and studies have shown that it can pick up tumours with a sensitivity of 97.5% and can rule out healthy individuals with a 99.05% specificity.

The test is the result of over two decades of research and development, and it has the potential to detect all cancers at a very early stage, allowing for effective, targeted medical intervention at a stage when treatment is most effective. To date, PanTum has been tested, and found to be effective, across more than 50 cancer tumour types.

Aston spoke to Dr Ahmed Bourghida, Chief Scientific Officer at RMDM, the experts who helped develop the test to speak more about this new test and it’s arrival here in the UK.