Posted by Aston Avery

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – male breast cancer

Breast cancer, a term synonymous with female health, has an overlooked male counterpart.

Every year, approximately 370 men in the UK receive a diagnosis that many find hard to believe: male breast cancer. “Moobs”, led by the resilient James Richard, a fighter of male breast cancer, seeks to dismantle the prevailing misconceptions and highlight the unique challenges men face when diagnosed with this disease.

Breast cancer in men is often overshadowed by deep-rooted gender stereotypes, leading many diagnosed men to grapple with feelings of emasculation and isolation. The prevailing feminised language and imagery surrounding breast cancer further exacerbate these feelings. This is important – to ensure that women come forward and get the treatment they need – but a rethink on how male breast cancer is treated is needed.

Aston spoke to James Richards, founder of charity Moobs and TV’s Dr Amir Khan.

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