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Brits are a nation of snack thieves according to new research

4th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

A new report has looked into the nation’s snacking behaviour revealing that the nation’s snacks are at high risk of being stolen around the home. The ‘Walkers Snack Report’ reveals that almost two thirds of Brits (64%) have to hide their snacks to stop other people from eating them.

The average Brit admits to having up to four different hiding places for their snacks including underwear drawers and bedside tables. The majority of us, however, find our snacking hidey-holes uncovered more often than not with 40% of us revealing they would be interested in a device to help them protect their snacks in the future.

Partners and children are called out as the biggest snack-thieves according to the survey data. When asked about why they hide their snacks, over a quarter (26%) say it is because they are too good to share.

Aston spoke to Peter Bleksley, former Scotland Yard detective and star of hit TV show “Hunted and Colin Furze, inventor to discuss how to catch the snack thieves in your home as well as helping to identify where people will least likely be searching for snacks in your home and also about an ‘un-hackable’ snack hiding device that Colin had developed to help keep our snacks safe.