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Brits ignore health issues for 8 months before seeking help

3rd September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Brits take an average of eight months to seek help with their health issues, but a fifth of us regret the length of time we spend putting off much needed appointments. Despite the fact our health is so important, a quarter of us admit we are currently putting off a trip to the GP.

A worrying one in five people in the UK have lived with a health issue for more than a year before getting seen. The study, by Acuvue, looked into the reasons why we let our health slip down the ‘to do’ list. It seems we’re particularly guilty of putting off regular eye tests at the opticians – 14 per cent believe they can wait for their vision problems to become more serious before they book their eye test. Experts are warning that early symptoms can be subtle – including those of Presbyopia. Presbyopia affects the eye’s ability to focus easily on nearer tasks, and 27 million people in the UK currently suffer with the condition.

Aston spoke to Dr Sarah Jarvis, TV doctor and Dr Kamlesh Chauban, director of professional educational from Johnson & Johnson visions to discuss the research in further detail and also offered advice.