Posted by Aston Avery

Campaign raises awareness of RSV related illness

Recent market research reveals doctors’ concerns around the unsustainable burden of infant RSV on the NHS.

Data in a recent survey organised and funded by Sanofi, reveals the impact of infant RSV-related illness on the NHS, as it is estimated that RSV results in 467,000 GP visits and 34,000 hospital admissions annually. In the past financial year alone, it has cost the NHS £92 million to manage, with 65% of this incurring in just three months of the winter season.

In addition, in a survey among 150 participants organised and funded by Sanofi, almost 3 in 4 GPs and Emergency Medicine Specialists (74%) believe that infant RSV-related illnesses place an unsustainable burden on paediatric intensive care beds, with almost three-quarters (76%) reporting this places a detrimental impact on their ability to carry out elective procedures.

Aston spoke to Dr Paul McNamara, professor in child health at the University of Liverpool.

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