Posted by Aston Avery

Challenging misconceptions around lung cancer

Lung cancer stands as the most lethal types of cancer, but the battle against it is not solely medical—it’s also informational. Myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions about the disease persist, creating barriers to early diagnosis and effective treatment.

To counteract this, a new initiative has been launched this Lung Cancer Awareness Month: the “Be Unforgettable” campaign. With the tagline, “Forget everything you think you know about lung cancer,” this campaign aims to rewrite the public narrative surrounding the disease, providing a more positive and optimistic outlook that encourages immediate action. The “Be Unforgettable” campaign looks to confront three primary misconceptions which can all delay diagnosis and, potentially, deny people the opportunity of curative treatment.

The “Be Unforgettable” campaign seeks to educate the public through social media platforms, public service announcements, and community events. These mediums will be used to disseminate factual, easy-to-understand information about lung cancer, thereby combating misinformation. Secondly, the campaign will champion the cause of self-advocacy. Individuals will be encouraged to consult medical professionals and undergo screenings. Finally, the campaign will employ compelling stories to challenge stereotypes and myths surrounding the disease.

Aston spoke to Rachel Avery, director of marketing and communications at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Dave Marcus & Spike Elliot.

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