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Clean Air Day

17th June 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Formaldehyde is a colourless gas pollutant, released by furniture and wooden products like plywood and fibreboard, insulating materials and DIY products such as paint, wallpapers, varnishes, and household cleaning products such as germicide and disinfectant. Not only that, warm weather can also directly increase pollution levels, including the toxic pollutant of Formaldehyde.

So, with the predicted heatwave in the UK and considering we have spent more time than ever indoors during the pandemic and almost half (48%) have refurbished their home or office in the last year with – buying new furniture, working on home improvements, and cleaning from top to bottom – it is very likely that formaldehyde exists in our homes.

Also, initial analysis of Dyson connected purifier data (gathered from the recently launched Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde) indicates globally the indoor levels of formaldehyde tend to be higher than the WHO (World Health Organization) official recommendation in homes.

Aston spoke to Evan Stevens, head of environmental care at Dyson to discuss the importance of the quality of air that we breath and how we can purer air can improve our health, this Clean Air Day (Thursday 17th June).