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Comedian Lucy Porter on Gateway

10th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Long gone are the days of nine to five, especially if you’re a working parent. The working week is on average 11.5 hours longer for working parents, according to new research by Churchill, who are spending this added time cleaning, tidying, cooking and driving.

To actually free up time to chill out working parents are spending an average of £249 a week on things like cleaners, taxis, food delivers and ironing services. With all this in mind, 33% still say there just isn’t enough time in the day to chill out.

About 80% of working parents say they can’t always find time to chill with more than half (57%) blaming work demands, 30% saying general house maintenance and 23% stating completing life admin is what prevents them from putting their feet up.

As soon as the morning alarm rings ‘work’ begins with 57% saying 6am and 9am is the time of day they are most stressed. Nearly three quarters (71%) say they worry about not spending enough time with their loved ones every month.

Aston spoke to Lucy Porter, actress and comedian to discuss how working parents can maybe find some time to chill out.