Posted by Aston Avery

Constant bad news scaring Brits

In the last few years, we have lived through major history-defining moments – the pandemic, political fallouts, war in Europe, cost-of-living, the energy crisis – the list is almost too long to mention. And the reality is that it has had an impact on the way that we feel.

New research reveals that a third of us now hide away from the news entirely – with many switching off when the intro music begins.

On top of this, friends and family have stopped debating big subjects which may change the course of our lives simply to avoid potential arguments – have you ever had a friend or family member tell you “we don’t talk about that” well, it may be for more self-preservation reasons rather than rows itself. Right now people feel a genuine sense of worry when it comes to these subjects and so are not wanting to confront it.

Aston spoke to psychotherapist Charlotte Armitage.

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