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Coronavirus updates for Essex on Gateway 97.8

With the halls of learning closed indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic, in excess of 10 million school kids need to continue their revision and learning at home. So, who can parents turn to as they look to make sure their children do not fall behind and are still picking up the knowledge and learning they would be at school?

For pupils studying language in particular, learning in isolation is a huge obstacle. Practicing phrases verbally and having conversations to hone your skills is essential to improving your understanding and ability. While becoming a substitute home tutor is an overwhelming prospect for many mums, dads and caregivers, who are having to adapt their working and everyday lives, there is help at hand, especially when it comes to helping your child become proficient in another language.

Aston spoke to Zak Hal, virtual tutoring expert from Rosetta Stone to give parents and children his expert advice on home-tutoring, and how they can take advantage of free resources to make learning at home an enjoyable and educational experience for the whole family.

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