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Dipna Anand highlights National Curry Week

The much-awaited National Curry Week is back again this year, and the focus is stronger than ever on supporting our beloved local curry houses. National Curry Week, an initiative that has been celebrating the rich flavors and cultural diversity of curry in the UK since its inception, aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by curry houses and promote the significance of preserving these cherished culinary institutions.

In recent times, the UK’s vibrant curry house industry has been facing unprecedented challenges, with one in three curry houses sadly closing their doors since 2019. According to the Asian Catering Federation, an alarming prediction suggests that without collective action, as many as 50% of curry houses may disappear within the next 10 years.

National Curry Week 2023 calls on all curry enthusiasts, foodies, and communities across the nation to rally together and support their local curry houses. By doing so, we can preserve the cherished culinary heritage that has enriched our taste buds and cultural landscape for generations.

Aston spoke to chef Dipna Anand.

Photo by Andy Hay on Unsplash

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