Posted by Aston Avery

Ditching the sweet is a hard feat

New year, new me. We’re only three days into 2024, but many of us may already be struggling our new year’s resolutions – especially if you’re trying to kick sugar.

In fact, new research has found that sugar is the thing we’d find hardest to give up (29%) – beating caffeine (21%), alcohol (14%) and salt (10%) to gain the top spot.

The research by Remedy Kombucha, the UK’s leading kombucha brand, reveals that nearly 2 in 5 of us (37%) admit we are addicted to sugar, with 8% going so far as to say they are ‘completely’ addicted. A further 35% confessed they can’t go a day without some form of the sweet stuff.

Aston spoke to nutritionist Madeleine Shaw.

Photo by Jason on Unsplash

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