Posted by Aston Avery

Diverse UK families celebrated

When we think of families, long gone are the days where we immediately think of the birth mother and father with two children. What we have now is an increasingly eclectic mix of family types that are constantly evolving we can celebrate.

With more than 67 million people in Britain, it’s clear we are made up of different communities and of course unique and diverse family backgrounds.

However, despite this, there are still families that feel they are underrepresented when it comes to playing with their children, with toys often depicting the nuclear family.

It’s time for more representation, and with 1 in 10 parents surveyed being in family set-ups that are not defined by two birth parents and their children, Fisher-Price Little People is celebrating all the different types of loving families we have in the UK with its FamilyKIND campaign.

Aston spoke to parenting expert Anita Cleare.

Photo by Nikoline Arns on Unsplash

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