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Dr Alex George on sacrificing Christmas

5th December 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

New research from One4All Gift Cards has found that there will be approximately 4.6 million people working on Christmas Day this year, spending an average of 7 hours in the workplace. We Brits love the festive season, whether it be because we cherish the time we get to spend with loved ones (46%), our Christmas dinner (36%) or giving presents (27%).

But while many of us will be at home with loved ones there are plenty of people across the country still clocking-in for work. With financial pressure prevalent at this time of the year, a quarter (1.5million) of those who give up their Christmas to work, do so because they need the money. The majority (60%) of the Christmas workforce are simply required to work over the festive period, while 10% clock-in as a favour for a friend.

It goes without saying that we all appreciate the huge sacrifices our doctors, nurses, firefighters, police and even chefs and waiters make so our Christmas can run smoothly. This year One4all Gift Cards are calling on everyone to show their appreciation to those giving up their Christmas for us by saying thanks.

Aston spoke to Dr Alex George, 2018 Love Island contestant and Aoife Davey, group marketing director at One4All Gift Cards to discuss how we can say thank you to those making this huge sacrifice.