Posted by Aston Avery

Embracing digital health solutions this World Pharmacist Day

World Pharmacists Day is designed to bring attention to the role of pharmacists in improving health globally, and it provides an excellent backdrop to discuss advancements in health and wellness services. One such advancement is the innovative solution offered by ZoomDoc Health, designed to alleviate the burden on GP services and the NHS.

ZoomDoc is a proactive solution intended to ease the immense pressure on GP services and the NHS by offering a unique service that provides same day doctors letters, without the need for an appointment or a face to face GP consultation. This innovative solution is crucial, especially in a time where healthcare systems are stretched.

ZoomDoc is collaborating with a well-known chain of pharmacists. This partnership aims to further ease the NHS burden and ensure that patients receive the right care and remedies promptly. It underscores the essential connection between doctors and pharmacists in providing holistic healthcare solutions.

Aston spoke to Dr Kenny Livingstone.

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