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Emmerdale actress Samantha Giles on Gateway

27th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The proverb says that dogs are man’s best friend however, with an estimated population of 11.1 million pet cats in contrast to 8.9 million pet dogs, it seems the felines are taking over.

New research released today by the charity Cats Protection reveals how the household moggy has evolved to become an essential part of the family in some weird and wonderful ways. The research was conducted as part of the charity’s #MoreThanJustACat campaign, which highlights the many ways cats enhance and enrich people’s lives.

For many owners, their cat has become more than a pet as they share their personal moments with them. In fact, nine out of ten (87%) owners allow their cat to follow them into the bathroom and around half (48%) have shared a secret with their cat,such as telling them who they fancy or confessing that they’ve placed a sneaky bet on a horse.

It’s not just the humans who benefit from these relationships, more than half (56%) of owners celebrate their cat’s birthday. Eight in 10 (78%) make a special effort to say goodbye to their cat when they leave the house.

Aston spoke to Samantha Giles, Emmerdale actress to discuss the research and tell us more about her bond with her feline friends.