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Events that Brits believe have changed history

17th August 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

While the phrase, “The past should be in the past” is a saying often thrown about, according to research released today, that is not where the majority of Brits stand. In fact, just under three quarters of Brits (72%) have said they believe it’s important for historical stories to be told to future generations, with almost three fifths (58%) saying that key moments from modern history should be remembered in thousands of years.

According to the new research by Sega, this is particularly important as 47%  have admitted they have concerns about how modern history will be remembered by future generations.

To celebrate the launch of the historical strategy game HUMANKIND developed by Amplitude Studios, SEGA commissioned brand-new cave paintings to reimagine the most significant moments from modern history as chosen by the British public, inspired by the same techniques our ancestors used thousands of years ago.

Aston spoke to Paul Pettit, professor in the department of archaeology at Durham University.