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Fara Williams MBE on tackling nutrition in women’s football

As the Lionesses prepare for one of their biggest challenges down under, England football legend, Fara Williams MBE, and a leading British nutritionist, are calling on the sport to shine a floodlight on women’s nutrition.

Women’s football in the UK is almost unrecognisable compared to just a decade ago and, thanks to the success of last Summer, is only getting more popular.

However, some elements of the game have not kept up with its popularity – from pitch and changing room facilities to kit and access and important food and nutrition advice.

While men and women footballers expend similar amounts of energy, research shows that female athletes are not fuelling themselves properly pre and post-game and are therefore not fulfilling their ultimate potential on the pitch.

Aston spoke to England football legend Fara Williams MBE and M&S Eat Well nutritionist Sophia Linn.

Photo by Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash

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