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First celebrity eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing 2023

3rd October 2023
Posted by Aston Avery

This past weekend on Strictly Come Dancing saw the first celebrity leave the series.

The judges scores from week 1 were carried over which would then give a combined scores across the week, topping the judges leaderboard for week 2 was West End performer and Bad Education actor Layton Williams with his dance partner Nikita Kuzmin with a score of 36 out of 40, they also topped the list on combined scores across the 2 weeks with 65 out of 80.

The first dance off for 2023 saw entertainer Les Dennis and his dance partner Nancy Xu going against broadcaster Nikita Kanda and her dance partner Gorka Marquez to stay in the series. The judges unaminously voted to keep Nikita meaning that Les became the first celebrity to leave Strictly Come Dancing 2023.

Strictly Come Dancing will return this weekend for movie week.

Photo by Dustin Tramel on Unsplash