Posted by Aston Avery

Free public health tool available

A free tool could help to identify those who suffer with a debilitating swallowing condition.

Something as simple as swallowing is actually very difficult for 1 in 17 people who will experience dysphagia during their lifetime, around which there is a huge lack of awareness.

Dysphagia is a difficulty in swallowing solids or liquids, or both. This difficulty can lead to aspiration. Aspiration means food or fluids flowing into the trachea (and lungs) instead of going into the digestive system causing the individual to be at risk of chest infection and choking.

Nestlé Health Science want to increase awareness of dysphagia through the EAT-10 survey which can help identify if a person could have dysphagia. Nestlé Health Science are encouraging people to take the EAT-10 Survey. Difficulty with swallowing can impact health and wellbeing and make mealtimes a worry. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the common symptoms of this condition, take the survey today by simply searching for EAT-10 UK.

Aston spoke to speech therapist Sandra Robinson.

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