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Generation brunch

24th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Brunch has notably become more than just a weekend mealtime and has transcended into a real social occasion, especially for millennials. New research from Clonakilty Blackpudding has shown 18-34 year olds are prepared to spend an average of £11.94 on brunch, which is the most out of all generations, with baby boomers only willing to pay an average of £7.92. Those in the North West are willing to splash out an average of  £10.66 and the research found that men (£10.41) are bigger spenders on brunch than women (£9.74). Nearly 40% of UK brunch eaters are prepared to spend between £10-£30 on their late morning meal, with the research also divulging brunch-mad Brits’ top priority ingredients.

Sausages (61%), black pudding (22%) and smoked salmon (22%), all reached the top spots, which surprisingly saw much-Instagrammed avocado only rank fourth place (19%). The research shows that those in the North West are driving the rise in black pudding, with 27% saying the ingredient is a high priority for them. Other regions where black pudding has become a top choice include North East (26%) and the Midlands (21%). (Please see below for your regional stats).

This is highlighted by a quarter (25%) of UK brunch-goers saying they would be willing to pay more to have black pudding on their plate. And while millennials are less likely to look for black pudding on their brunch menu, they are the keenest to pick a dish featuring it in a restaurant (61%) and the majority (53%) aren’t afraid to rustle up a meal at home with this hearty ingredient.

Aston spoke to Anna Haugh, chef and Colette Twomey of Ireland’s best loved Clonakilty Blackpudding to discuss the nation’s brunch habits, particularly in light of the emphasis on nose to tail eating and its dense nutrient profile.