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Going solo sets you free from holiday blues

6th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

With the summer holidays coming to an end, it appears not everyone had the relaxing, fulfilling holiday they had hoped for. According to new research from Travelzoo published today, 70% of group holiday-goers said they did not get to do everything they wanted to on their last trip, making solo travel the perfect antidote to this stress.

Compromising on activities (20%), high peak season costs (20%) and noisy children (19%) are the top three bugbears for Brits on their last holiday, followed by not being able to switch off and relax (17%). The only way to guarantee that you see and do everything you want to on holiday is by going solo, but this comes at a price with 65% believing solo travelers are penalised financially by having to pay a supplement. In addition, 51% are put off by social anxiety, loneliness and the stigma of being seen alone, for example being a solo diner.

However, the research found that solo travel offers many benefits including not being answerable to anybody else (60%), with 60% citing wellness as the primary goal for travelling solo – this is made up of 30% doing so to take time for themselves, almost a fifth for recharging batteries and 15% for self-discovery.

Aston spoke to Honey Langcaster-James, TV psychologist to discuss the positive impact that solo travel offers and explore why some people are still worried about the stigma around traveling around alone.