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Half a million people sign up for Veganuary

15th January 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

After indulging over the festive period, some of us might be looking for a healthy challenge to kick of the New Year right. Cue Veganuary! 

Going vegan for a month might seem daunting, but there are plenty of reasons to do it – whether it’s to look after our health, to help the environment, or just to set ourselves a challenge.

Some of the benefits of following a vegan diet are lower levels of cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of heart disease. Despite these, though, veganism is sometimes given a tough time due to misconceptions that vegans lack certain nutrients in their diet. B12 and Vitamin D deficiency are two common issues for those following a vegan diet, as well as iron and omega 3. This January, there will be thousands of people going vegan and some might think such nutrients are more difficult to get from a plant-based diet. However, there are plenty of vegan-friendly alternatives to complement the lifestyle, so going vegan doesn’t mean having to compromise on taste or nutrition.

Aston spoke to John Rushton and Abdul Sharief, co founders of Vegums to tell us how to make the most of Veganuary and boost our immune systems in 2021.