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Healthy mum healthy family

27th June 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

About 72% of the country’s mums do not feel healthy with more than half (51.8%) admitting to suffering from depression either some or all of the time. According to The Healthy Mummy Health Survey almost half of mums experience a significant amount of stress and over eight in ten (81%) UK mums say they don’t have enough energy to exercise. So, how are they meant to keep themselves and their family healthy?

Mums say they are stopped from getting healthier by a lack of time and motivation and a quarter (25%) are also in full time work. Indeed, 32% think they need help in terms of will power while 61% of UK adults are obese, fewer than in Australia (63%) and the United States (70%). Despite these statistics, over half (53%) of UK mums put things like going on nice holidays, being rich and looking good above their health. Over 50% of mums say they don’t feel like they have definitive support from their partner, so the task of leading the family to a healthier lifestyle is ultimately reliant on themselves.

Aston spoke to Rhian Allen, the founder of The Healthy Mummy about everything a mum has to juggle and how The Healthy Mummy is the helping hand for the overworked mum ahead of World Heathy Mummy Month in July.