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How our shopping habits are costing us in more than just pounds

30th August 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

New clothes bought in the UK produce more carbon emissions per minute than driving a car around the world six times. This is based on estimates that more than two tonnes of clothing are bought each minute in the UK, producing nearly 50 tonnes of carbon emissions – the same as driving 162,000 miles in a car.

In fact, buying one new white cotton shirt produces the same amount of emissions as driving a car for 35 miles. Despite these huge figures, a new study of British adults has found more than half (53%) are not at all aware fast fashion is damaging to the environment.

The study was commissioned by Oxfam for its Second Hand September campaign, where consumers pledge not to buy anything new for the whole month. In one month alone, the emissions from new clothes bought are greater than those from flying a plane around the world 900 times. This is the amount of emissions the nation could save if we all took part in Second Hand September.

Aston spoke to Caryn Franklin MBE, fashion commentator and Lauren Bravo, writer and is also taking part in the campaign second hand september to discuss the research and also about the campaign second hand september in further detail.