How to rock the 1970’s Charlie’s Angels look

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While young people may be inspired by the sun-drenched stars of reality TV shows such as Love Island, people over 55 still rate the TV shows of the 70’s as the most influential when it comes to their style, and over two thirds (68%) of adult all ages still love the classic fashion trends from the decade.

When thinking of where our wardrobe inspiration originates, over a third (36%) of British men and women would say that it is influenced by the TV shows they watched, and anyone reminiscing the silver screen stars of the 70’s, would find it impossible to overlook Charlie’s Angels Farrah Fawcett.

Whether she was wearing her iconic red one-piece at the beach, a slinky sequined jumpsuit out on the town or sporting her iconic ‘Farrah flip’ hair style, Farrah Fawcett has been voted the style queen of the big and small screen, not least in Charlie’s Angels when the world fell in love with her character Jill Munroe 50 years ago.

Aston spoke to Amber Butchart, fashion historian and author to revisit the iconic trends, and to advise how we can all rock the classic Angel look in 2019.

Charlie’s Angels is now airing exclusively on Sony Channel, available on Freeview 48, Sky 157, Freesat 142 and Virgin 189.

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