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Inactivity = prison sentence

10th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

It’s already difficult for many people to fit a regular exercise regime around our increasingly busy lifestyles. However, when factoring in external pressures, stigma and insecurities it’s no surprise that activity levels are often quickly reduced to almost nothing.

A study commissioned by Sure Women today reveals the shocking extent of women’s lack of movement. The study found, women’s self-imposed inactivity over the course of their lives equals a huge 32 years and 3 months, in other words – more than a 25-year prison life sentence!

The research shows that the average UK woman is physically active for just four hours each day, meaning three quarters (75%) of the waking day is spent being inactive. Almost a quarter of those polled (21%) confessed to participating in physical exercise less than once a week, if at all – instead preferring to spend time watching TV (55%), browsing the internet (42%) or doing nothing at home (36%).

Fear of judgement was raised as a reason for Brits lacking in the exercise stakes, leading to isolation and potential serious health implications due to sedentary lifestyles. Half (49%) of women polled have at some point felt negatively judged when working out – with seven in 10 (70%) of those aged 18 -24, feeling this way.

Aston spoke to Dr Sarah Jarvis, TV doctor to discuss the research and the implications such inactivity can have on women’s long-term health.