Posted by Aston Avery

Katy Hill on our life goals

Drinking more water, start saving for a holiday and go on a diet… tomorrow are just some of the goals Brits are setting themselves. 

Research out today found a quarter of adults set themselves what they consider unachievable targets. While in contrast, 37 per cent set the bar too low so they can easily achieve them, with 79 per cent of these finding smashing easy goals more motivating to tackle others. 

The study by HSBC UK found so far in 2023, Brits have set themselves three long and short-term goals apiece – and 34 per cent have a financial plan in place. The most common goal which Brits are achieving is to be more positive – as 70 per cent who tasked themselves with this have overcome the challenge. Being available to see friends and walking instead of driving also ranked highly.

Aston spoke to TV presenter and success coach Katy Hill.

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