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Kelsey Parker discusses the grief of losing her partner Tom Parker

Death remains the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ for many in the UK. Recent data reveals that a significant 58% of individuals consider death a taboo subject. While 42% are open to discussing it, they often find themselves conversing with someone who’d rather avoid the topic. This disparity often leads to brief, one-sided discussions.

Interestingly, 56% of those hesitant to discuss death believe that initiating such conversations would be beneficial. Yet, concerns about causing distress or misspeaking act as barriers. How does one broach a difficult conversation they’re hesitant about, especially fearing it might upset a loved one?

The age-old advice to “avoid discussing religion, politics, and money” might now need revisiting. Brits are more reticent about discussing personal losses than traditionally sensitive topics: religion (17%), politics (13%), and income (20%).

In response to this complex landscape, the Co-op, in partnership with Cruse, is launching its ‘Biggest Ever Survey…Five Years On’. This will gather the insights of approximately 45K Brits – the largest survey of its kind. The findings will be shared with key groups in politics, faith, healthcare, and education. These leaders are frequently the primary support for those grappling with grief. The goal is to foster greater understanding and empathy, influencing policies that touch our daily lives.

Aston spoke to wife of Tom Parker (The Wanted) and campaigner Kelsey Parker.

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