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Leading medics and comedians unite for hepatitis C awareness in British South Asian communities

26th May 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Hepatitis C is no laughing matter, but a new campaign hopes to raise awareness of its symptoms and risk factors among at-risk communities through the power of comedy.

The prevalence of hepatitis C is higher in British South Asian communities (1.1%) compared to the wider UK population (0.2%) and it is estimated that as many as half of people living with the disease are unaware they have it.

A new and slightly unconventional campaign involving collaboration between medical professionals and comedians is being launched to fuel light-hearted conversations about South Asian idiosyncrasies linked to the risk factors for contracting hepatitis C.

Hep C, Ki?, which broadly translates in colloquial terms from many South Asian languages as Hep C, What?,is a new campaign by Gilead Sciences, with the support of NHS England and The Hepatitis C Trust.

Aston spoke to Dr Amir Khan to discuss the symptoms and risks associated with hepatitis C, and how comedy may help to break down barriers in the British South Asian community when it comes to this virus.