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Lisa Faulkner on Gateway 97.8

3rd September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

New research marking Migraine Awareness Week (1st September – 7th September) shows almost all sufferers in Britain (92%) claim their outlook on life would be very different without the fear of a sudden migraine hanging over them. 6 million people are effected on a regular basis with around 190,000 Migraine attacks every day in Britain, with treatment costing the NHS an estimated £1 Billion each year. Three in five (60%) people living with migraine say they have given up hope on finding relief from their condition.

Experts say migraines are hard to explain to those who haven’t had first-hand experience, as each individual is affected in different ways. They can creep up unexpectedly, intrude on family time, and hinder career opportunities. The financial burden of migraine on the UK economy is conservatively estimated at £3.42 billion per year with people taking time off unexpectedly.

Aston spoke to Lisa Faulkner, TV actress and chef (2010 Celebrity Masterchef champion) to discuss Tame Your Migraine and how the condition affects people’s everyday lives in ways others can only imagine.