Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: is your home pollution free?

Candles, dog hair and even air fresheners are possible pollutants in the home, but research out today reveals Brits have a total lack of knowledge when it comes to indoor pollution.

The study found 39 per cent of adults admitted as long as their home ‘feels’ cleans, they assume there is no air pollution.

While others didn’t know about the possible health risks with 67 per cent not linking indoor air pollutants to lung cancer, and 81 per cent dismissing their impact on heart disease.

The research by Dyson also revealed that more than two thirds (64 per cent ) will open a window and around half (52 per cent ) open a door to get fresh air in their home – but 17 per cent never think about the consequences of letting in pollution.

Aston spoke to TV’s Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence and Ken Armstrong, head of air quality research at Dyson.

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