Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: nutritionist warns us not to cheat our own health

We all know the term “New Year, New You” by now – in fact, many are probably sick of it. Regardless, latest figures suggest that after a December of overindulgent eating and drinking, almost half of Brits (45%) still want to kickstart 2024 with a healthier diet. But with a fifth (19%) having no idea where to start, it’s no surprise that the majority (9 in 10) fail to stick to it.

The UK is a mixed bag when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When asked about the last time they were active for at least 30 minutes, a quarter (26%) claimed they had exercised within the last two days, but a third (31%) said it had been at least a month. What’s more, 15% said it had been over a year, and shockingly 5% said they had never completed a half-hour session.

It’s not uncommon to feel like it’s impossible to get back into shape. Therefore, there’s a good chance that many will turn to supplements this New Year. In fact, more than 20 million Brits already use them to aid their lifestyle and boost their health. But with 5% of people saying they rely on them to keep themselves in shape – and approximately 3 million believing that they can actually replace a healthy diet – leading nutritionists are warning the public not to see supplements as a quick fix to getting rid of the dreaded holiday weight.

Aston spoke to Emma Cannings, leading nutritionist at THERA Nordic.

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