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Listen: winter warning and advice

We’ve already debated when we should turn the heating on… but now the question is which room should we heat?

As we head into the darker, colder winter months, research shows that households face the biggest financial pressure of the year, with increased energy costs at the forefront of tightening budgets.

The burden is leading over 10 million people to consider only heating just one room in their homes at any one time this winter, with the latest data revealing more than a third of Brits cannot afford to heat their entire home to a comfortable level when it’s cold outside.

The figures by Gas Safe Register show 15 million Brits, will spend most of their time in that one room, eating, sleeping and socialising in the warmth whilst the rest of their house stays cold and dark.

Aston spoke to Rob Denman, head of professional and field services at Gas Safe Register.

Photo by Sies Kranen on Unsplash

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