Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: wrap up against harsh winter weather

With temperatures expected to plummet this month and many stressing about whether Christmas will be free of restrictions/ having the perfect Christmas following last year, Brits are being advised to wrap up adequately to avoid the health complications that often arise from these two factors.

Despite affecting around one fifth of the global adult population and up to 10 million Brits, Raynaud’s remains a lesser-known condition that many mistake as something fleeting when in the cold. But, as the figures suggest, it’s clear that more people should be wary of its prevalence, as it can often be an indicator of something more serious. Its main symptom is discolouration of the skin, and in severe cases the lack of blood circulation that occurs can lead to tissue damage in fingers and toes.

A surprising solution to this is fingerless gloves, which have been revealed to have an array of benefits to help combat the threat colds, flu or Raynaud’s. One such brand, Turtle Doves, is doing just that, creating fingerless gloves that can double up as wrist warmers. These not only help to keep out the immediate cold, but can support those already suffering from Raynaud’s, circulatory problems, arthritis, and other health issues. 

Aston spoke to Graham Holbrook from Turtle Doves.

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