Louis Smith on fussy eating

6th December 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Being a “foodie” and more adventurous with food has never been trendier than today, with social media food accounts flying, food TV programmes a favourite in UK households and people cooking at home more than ever this year. However, according to new research from Blackstick Blues, while 35 per cent of adults think their taste buds matured between the ages of 15 and 18, many (60 per cent) are going to extreme lengths in order to avoid trying to new foods and are, in fact, grown up kids!

According to the research, over half (55 per cent) of 25-44 year olds have admitted they have snuck food into a bin to avoid trying something new, over a third (35 per cent) also admit to hiding it in a napkin, and just under two fifths (38 per cent) have fed it to the dog.

Despite thinking their taste buds matured, the research actually shows that many foods people wouldn’t eat as a child, still do not eat as adult, with the top four  including anchovies (43 per cent), oysters (40 per cent), black pudding (38 per cent) and blue cheese (35 per cent).

Aston spoke to Louis Smith, Olympic gymnast and 2012 Strictly Come Dancing champion and Matthew Hall from Blacksticks Blue to talk about fussy eating and the ways in which we avoid trying new foods ahead of the Christmas season.