Low pay for asthma sufferers linked to £2bn gap in UK economy

18th February 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Up to 10% of people in England have asthma and over half of them have experienced symptoms in the last 12 months, which the NHS defines as “uncontrolled” asthma. But further to the health risks, people living with uncontrolled asthma are also affected financially, typically earning £3,000 less than an average UK adult.

Today, “Potential Limited: The Economic Cost of Uncontrolled Asthma”, a new report, from cross-party think tank Demos, supported by Sanofi, has found that uncontrolled asthma has a significant economic impact on patients’ lives, with sufferers of the condition taking a pay hit, and having a greater likelihood of being out of work altogether.

The report estimates that every year, the condition is linked to an overwhelming £2bn loss to the UK economy due to lower pay. Patients with the condition are 10% less likely to be in work (52%) than the average person (62%), and that this lower participation in the labour market is linked to an additional £2.5bn annual loss to the economy.

Aston spoke to Nichola Duane to raise awareness about uncontroled asthma and also discuss about why asthma sufferers are receiving low payments whislt working.