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25th November 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Chatting to Dad about his new gadget? Easy. Talking about the match last weekend? No problem. Asking about his prostate cancer? Not so simple. New research has revealed over half (54%) of 200 sons and daughters surveyed say that the topic of prostate cancer is one that is avoided by either them, their father or both of them. It also showed that one in three (33%) do not feel satisfied with the conversations they have with their father about his prostate cancer.

Three in five (61%) wish they could feel more confident about bringing up the topic but felt there were barriers to starting these conversations including worrying that they will upset their father and make things harder for him, feeling too awkward to discuss the topic, lacking confidence in talking about the topic or feeling anxious.

In order to help with these conversation, Bayer, Orchid Fighting Male Cancer and Tackle Prostate Cancer have all worked together to create the Sons and Daughters Discussion Guide – packed full of information, advice and recounts from others in the same situation.

Aston spoke to Ali O’Han, information manager for prostate cancer at Orchid Fighting Male Cancer to discuss the research in further detail and also about discussion guide that has been launched.