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Martin Johnson CBE on Gateway 97.8

6th November 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Despite media attention and increasing awareness, most men still suffer with low confidence – according to new research commissioned by UNTUCKit. The survey questioned 2,000 British men and has found that 73% of British men admit that they wish they were more confident. This issue is only getting worse in younger generations, with 84% of men aged 18-34 wishing they were more confident.

And when it comes to social situations, more than half of the people surveyed say they struggle with their confidence – whether this is with family, friends or colleagues. 2 in 5 men also struggle with their confidence in professional situations. The research also shows that clothing plays a big part in men’s confidence. More than two thirds of younger men (69%) say that they have experienced awkwardness or challenges to confidence because of being unsure about clothes. And it is particularly young men. Almost three quarters of men aged 55+ are always confident in their clothes, having never experienced any downsides due to being unsure about their clothing.

Aston spoke to Martin Johnson CBE, captain of the 2003 England Rugby World Cup squad and Chris Riccobono, founder of UNTUCKit to talk about men’s confidence and how younger men in particular can feel better about themselves.