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Meat eating Brits feel pressured to going meat free

26th January 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

January is seen as the time to try new things, whether it’s a new hobby, an exercise regime or a new diet. Yet, in a month where many people voluntarily try to take on a more vegan lifestyle, nearly half (46%) say they have felt pressured into reducing eating meat or cutting it out completely.

Friends (24%), partners (23%) and parents (23%) are the ones most likely to put the pressure on to attempt things like Veganuary or ‘meat-free Mondays’.

But the pressure has not always been welcome – the pushy behaviour causing arguments in more than a quarter of cases.

And, of those who have made a meaty sacrifice this month, 57% have only done it to keep their partner happy, according to research from Jack Link’s. Four in ten have resorted to extreme measures to still get their fix, including eating meat-flavoured snacks, cooking meat-based meals but not eating them and sniffing cured meats.

Aston spoke to food psychologist Greg Tucker to talk about the many influences that can impact what and how we eat and discuss why it is important to be happy when it comes to food.