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National Map Reading week

More than a quarter of Brits say they’ve never been taught how to read a map (27%) and even those who have said they still don’t know how to read one (14%).

Those are the findings from mapping experts Ordnance Survey who are launching National Map Reading week (from Monday 11th July) which aims to inspire people of all ages and interests to explore, find adventure and make memories.

The research found walkers are stumped by the most basic of symbols including a pub, a viewpoint and a toilet. Three-quarters of those questioned (77%) couldn’t recognise the pub sign, a classic pint pot jug with a handle – more than a third (38%) didn’t know what to look for if they needed the loo.

The pandemic got us outdoors more and the OS research found we’re finding unexpected hidden gems.  Around a quarter (23%) of people who are out and about on walks found one just in the last week.

Aston spoke to Nick Giles, Ordnance Survey managing director for leisure.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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