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New treatment for enlarged prostate

There is a new treatment that has just been launched to the NHS for the treatment of Enlarged Prostate.

BPH (enlarged Prostate), is a gradually progressive disease that often affects men as young as 30, and even, in some cases, younger men are impacted as early as twenty. There are 11.1 million men living in the UK and statistically, around 40% of men over 60 have lower urinary tract symptoms due to BPH which equates to around 8.8 million men whose quality of lives are impaired, and around half of these men so that is 4.4 million men struggling with BPH daily.

The new procedure, named iTIND, involves the temporary implantation of the iTIND, a nitinol device that reshapes the prostate tissue by causing loss of blood flow and cell death in the enlargement, expanding the channel through which urine can flow. This can be done in an outpatient setting. The insertion itself usually takes the doctor less than six minutes and typically does not need catheterisation following implantation. Removal of the iTind is similarly a short procedure which can usually be performed in the outpatient clinic. Men can usually go home typically within a few hours of the insertion, and after emptying their bladder, routinely do not need catheterisation.

Aston spoke to urologist Neil Barber.

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