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New year new job

6th January 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Did you spend last night dreading coming to work this morning? You’re not alone as 65% of us have experienced a case of the ‘Sunday night blues’ and it’s a feeling that we have three times a month on average. It’s no surprise then that the number of us feeling unhappy in our jobs is on the rise, up 10% year on year. Indeed, 24% are actively seeking a new job — while a further 32% are considering trying to find a new job, according to a new report from Investors in People.

The top three reasons for looking for a new employer are earning more money (30%), not feeling valued (23%) and wanting a better work/life balance (22%). But when it comes to a current job, a simple thank you (14%) is still important and has been consistently so in reports over the past four years.

Stress is a key issue for employees and despite a growing awareness and appreciation of mental health and its associated issues, 77% of employees feel stressed while 64%  said that their sleep was affected with the same number saying work followed them home.

Aston spoke to Paul Devoy, CEO at Investors In People to discuss about how we can improve work and why we need to tell our employer what matters to us.